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Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation(PMR)

Head of the Department: 

Professor(Dr.) Pankaj Kumar Mandal, MBBS,MD(PM&R)

Mobile no: 9831093345

Email ID: drpkmpmr@yahoo.co.in


Daily Activities: 

Patient based services:

OPD (4 DAYS): Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday.

Physiatric Intervention and Procedures: Wednesday.

Disability and Physiatric Assessment, Total Contact Casting (TCC) : Friday.

Academic use of Musculoskeletal USG and Electro diagnostic Study: Friday.

Academic Services: Departmental Weekly Seminar-Friday, Monthly Journal Club-2nd Thursday.


Academic activity:

Post-Graduation Course run- MD-PM&R.

Paramedical Course run-DPT (Diploma in Physiotherapy).

Ongoing Research Activities: 

1) “ A study to assess the effects of supervised rehabilitation programme in patients of axial spondyloarthritis.” Principal investigator: Dr. Arupratan Ghosh: JR-3

2) “ A comparative study to assess the effects of comprehensive rehabilitation programme with and without bobath sling in post-stroke painful shoulder subluxation.” Principal investigator: Dr. Ushnish Mukherjee: JR2

3) “A comparative study between fluoroscopy guided intra-articular facet joint injection and medial branch block in chronic low back pain.” Principal investigator: Dr. Rachit Gulati : JR1.

4) “A study to assess the effect of compression garments plus exercise in breast cancer related lymphedema.” Principal investigator: Dr. Arupratan Ghosh : JR3.

5) “A study to compare efficacy of ultrasound guided versus anatomical landmark based approach of local corticosteroid injection therapy in the treatment of dequervain’s disease.” Principal investigator: Dr. Nilanjan Bhaumik: JR3.

Publications by Faculties: 

Professor Dr Pankaj Kumar Mandal


Title of article

Name of journal

Year of publication

Place of publication

Name of all authors

A comprehensive study between Total Contact Casting and conventional dressing in the non-surgical management of Diabetic plantar foot ulcers.

Journal of the Indian Medical Association(JIMA)[ISSN 0019-5847] Volume 106, No. 04.April-2008


Kolkata, India.



Dr.Pankaj Kumar Mandal



Dr.Satinath Mukherjee


Associate Professor: Dr SouravIswarari


Title of article

Name of journal

Year of publication

Place of publication

Name of all authors

Ozone Nucleolysis for Management of Pain and Disability in Prolapsed Lumber Intervertebral Disc

A Prospective Cohort Study

Interv Neuroradiol



G. DasS. RayS. IswarariM. Roy, and P. Ghosh

CSF Proteomics of  Secondary Phase Spinal Cord Injury in Human Subjects:

Perturbed Molecular Pathways Post Injury

PLoS One.





Mahashweta Basu,


Kiran Kumar Mukhopadhyay,

Krishna Pada Sardar,


Pradeep K. Mohanty,

Debashis Mukhopadhyay

How to start and run a pain clinic





Clinical Methods in pain medicine: including administration, finance and marketing





Special Achievements by Faculties: 

HOD:Professor(Dr.) Pankaj Kumar Mandal:

Membership: Indian Medical Association (IMA), Indian Association of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation(IAPMR),Indian Rheumatology Association(IRA), Indian Association of Sports Medicine(IASM), Indian Federation of Sports Medicine(IFSM), National advisory board of Indian Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation(IJPMR).


Dr.SouravIswarari, Associate Professor:

Membership: Indian Association of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (IAPMR).


Dr.ParthaPratim Das, Assistant Professor:

Membership: Indian Medical Association (IMA), Indian Association of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (IAPMR),Indian Rheumatology Association(IRA),Spinal Cord Society, India.

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